Will Redenbaugh


Will Redenbaugh Videography


Northern California

Will is a freelance producer in Sacramento, with expertise in on-location filming, storytelling, and video editing. Will works at KTXL Fox40 News as Senior Video Editor.

Starting as a Production Assistant (PA) he has worked his way through studio lighting, floor directing, and audio operating. He currently maintains the video editing department, ensuring the quality of videos that are broadcast.

With a background in broadcast news, Will not only understands the importance of communication, time management and succinct storytelling, but gets excited about it.

Will Redenbaugh

Passion for Excellence

Understanding story in its simplest form is Will’s joy.

At the heart of story is its core message, a single idea or concept to be communicated.

Story that is built on a single message has a strong foundation.

  • Narrative

    Who is the hero and what does he or she want?

  • Commercial

    How will the audience feel about the product?

  • News

    Why does this affect the viewer?

Will Redenbaugh Videography